The Special Nature Reserve "Pastures of great bustard" spreads in northern Banat. Located in three separate locations. The largest area occupies an area of pasture "Jaroš", measuring 4256.47 hectares, between Mokrin, Jazov and Sajan. Another site, "Siget", located northwest of the Banatski Aranđelovac, between "Veliki siget", "Vrbovita bara" and "Vrboviti siget". A total area of ​​2117.69 hectares. The third smallest unit of 400.55 hectares is "Kočovat", a site which takes up space north of "Vrbice" between "Aranđelovačke livade" - "Kočovat". The total area of ​​the reserve is 6774.71 hectares. 68% of the site "Jaroš" is under the regime of the third level of protection, while two spacious units, "Milina bara" - 11% and "Jaroš livade" - 21% of the area are under second level of the protection regime.