Society for the Study and Protection of birds of Serbia invites interested parties to field training for recognition of birds in the vicinity of Novi Sad, Belgrade and Čačak.

The training aims to familiarize participants with some of the most common birds in real life in the countryside. Also, the goal is to prepare participants for a variety of programs leading SSPBS regarding the study of birds, their distribution, and in particular enumeration of common species. At the end of the training, participants take a test and if you pass receive a certificate of having passed the course from the Norwegian University Nord Trondelag, certifying that you know how to distinguish birds by appearance and advertising.

Training will be conducted in the region of Novi Sad, Čačak and Belgrade starting 05.04.2014. till 09.15.2014. The deadline for applications is 03.30.2014.

More details about the training can BE viewed and downloaded below in the following documents:

1. Announcements, contacts, general information

2. Instructions for application

3. Application Form

4. Poster