Conference for the protection of birds  was held in Palić on 14th and 15th of November 2013.

At the initiative of the NGO "Artrust", "Riparia" and "AŠC" in Palić was held a two-day conference of NGOs in Serbia for the protection of birds. The conference was held as part of the "Sound of birds". The aim of the conference was the adoption of a joint initiative of non-governmental organizations in order to change the Ordinance designating of the close season of protected species of wildlife, especially quail and dove for which the closed season is asked to be during the whole year.

Conference was attended by representatives of non-governmental organizations in this field, including the Association for the Protection of Great Bustard, as well as representatives of major institutions, Provincial and Republic Institute for Nature Protection, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Secretariat of Environment and Sustainable development and city government, and Hunting Association of Vojvodina. Also attended by managers of protected areas.

"Palićka initiatives for the protection of birds and biodiversity in Serbia" was created as a result of this conference, signed by our association also.